Information on Ponte in the Province of Benevento by Alessandro Sorbello

Ponte was named after an important stone bridge “ad pontem lapideum”, on which the Via Latina passed to join Roma to Benevento. It is famous worldwide for its wine industries, for its wood industry and for the production of olive-oil, that has been produced since the Roman Age.

In the Middle Ages the Longobard prince Pandolfo Capodiferro gave it to the abbot of the monastery of St. Lupo and Zosimo in Benevento, together with the monastery of St. Anastasia. The castle was built in the 11th century and in 1266 it was the cause of several fights between the Angevins and the Swabians. The ruins of the castle can still be seen. The town was part of the Molise region, and in 1829 it lost its autonomy. Finally by Ferdinando di Borbone’s royal decree it was annexed to Casalduni. It was afterwards joined to Paupisi, and became self-governing only in 1913.


Ruins of the bridge

St. Anastasia’s Abbey

Eleventh-century castle

St. Dionigi’s Chapel

Church of the Santissimo Rosario

Alessandro Sorbello, a freelance travel writer and publisher based in Italy and Australia